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Rogue-like VR Action
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Timeless heart VR is an action VR roguelike game,

As the second work of Timeless Stories series, this work further simplifies and enriches the unique sword skill system of the series.

Advancing in the unknown labyrinth with Lycanea, and break through this blockade from fate!

*Trailer based on Actual Game Footage



You are banished to the cage of time and space

Here is a backup of the world

Here are the timelines of countless sorrows frozen

Will you choose to let these timelines flow again

in order to escape from here?

This time it's a story of choices
A story of hearts



Sword Skill System

Players will get "Chain Claw Prosthetic Arm" to assist in melee / range attack action.
At the same time in the game players will randomly obtain a variety of special style weapons to further strengthen their own ability.

Chain Claw System

Players can use the chain claw to rapidly evade attacks from enemies and grab special objects in the scene to throw/use to break the enemy's weaknesses.

Companion Assistance 

Lycaena, the heroine of this game, will accompany the player in battle, and she will also gain new skills and armor as the game progresses.


Release date:
Early 2024

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Thank you for your interest in Timeless Paradox. For any inquiries please contact us today. We’ll be happy to give you the information you need.

9 George street, north strathfield

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