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Hi Players!

Welcome to the Timeless Stories series!
We're bringing you the best stories and action-packed gaming experiences in virtual reality!

​Timeless Heart VR

The cage of time and space.

Many world lines that will eventually lead to tragedy are frozen here.

As the price of abusing your power, you are also banished here.

Will you choose to restart these stories or leave them sealed forever?

This is a story of choices, a story of hearts.

Timeless Paradox VR

Champion and dragon, fated to face each other.
How would you go about it if the future of the world was to be paid for by her sacrifice
This is a story about saving a champion
A story of paradox



Thank you for your interest in Timeless Paradox. For any inquiries please contact us today. We’ll be happy to give you the information you need.

9 George street, north strathfield

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